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Kisumu Impala Sanctuary lies on the shores of Lake Victoria, covering less than 1km2. The facility was gazetted in 1992. In March 2010, the sanctuary was branded as ‘a lakeshore walk with impalas’. Address: Opposite Kisumu South Water Company, Kisumu, Harambee Rd, Kisumu, Kenya. Phone: +254 800 597 000

Kit-Mikayi — also spelled Kit Mikayi, Kitmikayi, and Kitmikaye — is a rock formation, a tor, around 120 m high situated about 29 km west of the town of Kisumu in western Kenya. It is about 1 km from the Kisumu-Bondo road.


Ndere Island is a small island (4.2 km2 or 1.6 sq mi) in Winam Gulf of Lake Victoria in Kenya. It was gazetted as the Ndere Island National Reserve in November 1986 and has since that time been uninhabited.

Lake Kanyaboli National Reserve is located near the vast Yala Swamp, this reserve is home to papyrus specialist birds such as the Papyrus gonolek, Papyrus canary, Caruthers cisticola and the globally endangered Papyrus yellow Warbler.